Where to Find INFJ Males? (6 Places You Should Look)

Jul 1, 2021

In the article How To Spot An INFJ Male (Signs You Should Look For), we discuss how to spot an INFJ male.

However, where to find INFJ males?

In this article we’ll explore what some of the natural habitats of the INFJ male are and what draws them to those environments based on my own INFJ male preferences and what I've observed in INFJ discussions online.

Let’s dive in!

Where to Find INFJ Males?

1. INFJ Males are most likely found in Higher Education Programs with a Dominating Female Attendance

In recent years females are dominating the higher education space more and more in general.

So when we say: education programs with a dominating female attendance, we are talking here about the “stereotypical” higher education programs females tend to choose (yet it is unpopular to say such a thing nowadays).

Psychology, Pedagogy, Sociology, Nursing, these education programs have a very high female attendance and are therefore seen as stereotypical female career paths.

INFJ traits such as empathy, sensitivity, nurturance, and a need for constant harmonious relations are seen in our modern day society as female traits (despite push back to this firmly held stereotype since recent years).

INFJ men would therefore excel in careers where these traits come to good use.

That’s why they are very often attracted to a career in such fields.

If you are looking for an INFJ male, take a good look around at the men during the mandatory classes and college lectures in these feminine types of education programmes.

Chances are a significant proportion of the men you’ll see there are in fact INFJ.

Since INFJs in general are mostly solitary beings, mandatory classes should smoke them out of their introvert sanctuaries and into those public places for at least a short while.

Make good use of that time!

2. INFJ Males are most likely found in Creative Communities

As INFJs have a strong creative side, they often spend a lot of hours cultivating their creativity in their free time.

Drawing, poetry, making music or even thinking up efficient strategies for playing video games can be part of that creativity.

INFJs can be awkward during small talk or casual social encounters, because they prefer depth in conversations and knowing the people they talk to.

A way to fulfil the needs for creativity, depth in conversations and knowing the people they interact with is for the INFJ to join a creative community.

Such a community serves as a confluence of INFJ needs.

Here the people share a common interest: creativity.

Regardless of what the art of choice or the personality type might be between the individual members of such a community, creativity is the common denominator.

Creative individuals are known to be free thinking, curious, passionate people.

People who have a great love for life. Here the INFJ male will thrive, because it can show its creative side and innermost life philosophies without being judged.

Creativity is very much seen as a female attribute in our society, which may make many INFJ males reluctant to share this side of them with the average male peers.

Acceptance by Creative Peers

INFJ males many times expect a lack of understanding or criticism from the more “stereotypical men”, who often shun emotional subjects.

Creatives seek a different lifestyle than the standard 9 to 5 job paradigm.

They struggle often to maintain their mental health, because they have little time and energy to nurture their creativity when trapped working full-time for a company in a job they despise.

Creativity is an integral part of their personality or being even. Like a plant, creativity needs watering otherwise it will wither and die.

That’s why creatives often pursue a freelance career or some kind of business that frees them from the 9 to 5 trap and allows them the space to pursue their art.

A great deal of INFJ males strive for that same freedom.

Freedom to be who they are, with whom they want and to create a life of autonomy, intimate relationships and beauty.

However, the average person wouldn’t understand those dreams of freedom the INFJ male has.

Time and time again, our co-workers, family and sometimes even friends don’t understand the INFJ male’s vision.

The average person would criticise, ridicule or simply won’t understand the INFJ man.

In a creative community the INFJ male is among like minded people who deeply understand him.

If you are looking for an INFJ man, check out the men within creative communities like art galleries, studio buildings, musician groups, book clubs, cinema or concert hall staff.

Any place where creative people congregate and shape some kind of art scene.

Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels

3. INFJ Males are most likely found in their Bedrooms

Yes, I’m stating the obvious here! I know!

But it needs to be said, because some might not truly understand the level of importance the INFJ male’s bedroom has for him.

Introverts are known to have what is called the “introvert sanctuary”.

The introvert sanctuary is the place they retreat to for recovering from the stimulating outside world. The INFJ male bedroom is an introvert sanctuary, but often much more.

An INFJ male’s bedroom is many times also upgraded to a studio (for creative endeavours), digital communication/monitoring center (for communicating with the outside world and keeping up with the news), gym, entertainment center and strategic headquarters (reading books and contemplating one’s life path).

Deep Inside the Batcave

It is its own bat cave so to speak and completely off radar!

Our curtains might be closed throughout the day so the excess light won’t overwhelm us and we don’t feel like others can spy on us.

The INFJ male, practically lives there all the time and only leaves his bat cave in case of an “emergency” (grocery shopping, visiting friends/family or dates).

If there are enough resources, like food and water, we might not leave it for a couple of weeks if we don’t have to.

Valuing efficiency, we strive for hoarding as much food and other resources so we don’t frequently need to leave the house.

All in all this makes it very hard to find INFJ males, because you can’t just track down an INFJ male’s bedroom without it being random guessing.

Also when we do leave our bedrooms, it is for a very limited time and for outsiders seemingly random events (like grocery shopping or taking a walk).

Chances are the things we do outside the bedroom are also solitary, like taking a walk in nature or the park interspersed with moments of reading on a park bench for instance.

Now of course, many personality types have a bedroom that might function similarly.

In these current pandemic times, one can even argue that everyone’s bedroom now functions like that!

Yet, the INFJ male’s bedroom always was equipped to survive a pandemic years before the first signs of one!

4. INFJ Males are most likely found in Nature

The INFJ’s often highly sensitive and mystical nature are usually related to their openness to spirituality.

They are focussed on the bigger picture when they contemplate worldly phenomena and this includes the human experience.

INFJs spend a lot of time meditating on the significance of human beings and their place in the Universe.

They can sense that there is far more to life than meets the eye.

Nature is a very powerful gateway to help INFJs become present and explore the feeling of connectedness to the greater whole.

When it comes to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the inferior cognitive function of the INFJ is “Extraverted Sensing” (SE).

The Power of Now

Due to their SE function being poorly developed, INFJs are less naturally attuned to concrete or physical elements in life.

Being present and paying attention to the immediate surroundings is therefore quite hard for us.

The INFJ tends to live in his or her incessant thinking mind which concerns itself with past and future.

This is the greatest obstacle in becoming aware of the present moment and living in the now.

The paradox however is that they have a deep longing and potential for something transcendental, because of their strong intuition and openness.

Being in nature helps us step outside of our monkey minds and anchors us in the now.

Meaning INFJ males can be most likely found in nature to help them quiet their hyperactive minds and connect to a greater source.

You’ll probably see them walking alone in the forest or in a park with a book in their hand.

Or reading on a park bench.

Yet again, it is tough to track the INFJ male down, but perhaps when you see a male wandering alone in the forest you could perhaps ask if he’s INFJ!

Photo by S Migaj on Pexels

5. INFJ Males are most likely found in Libraries

It is no surprise that INFJs like to read in their bedrooms.

Introvert sanctuary, bat cave, bedroom or whatever it’s called, it still needs a little fresh air from time to time as INFJs do.

A great alternative place for INFJs to spend their time is the library.

It has many of the same qualities their bedroom has.

Silence, tons of interesting books and hopefully a lot of room so that you can sit almost in some kind of solitude while reading or exploring the library’s catalogue.

University libraries can have beautiful architecture.

Especially here in Europe where most University libraries are absolutely beautiful from the inside and out having a classic design stemming from the renaissance era.

With long hallways, high ceilings and tall windows made of stained glass.

The building canopied by overhanging trees, who divide the sun rays falling through the stained glass ever so elegantly.

There might be a courtyard with a rose garden and some park benches.

This environment is very soothing and inspiring to the INFJ.

One can read there obviously, but the beautiful surroundings also stimulate contemplation.

Many introverts flock to libraries for those reasons. Chances are that among the males you see there are INFJ males!

6. INFJ Males are most likely found on Online Forums

Like I’ve mentioned in the article Why Is Everyone INFJ? (5 Reasons For INFJ Fraud Explained), introverts tend to dominate the internet.

When it comes to discussing MBTI, INFJs seem to be really present in the online forums.

INFJs are the ones exploring the INFJ type the most online.

What’s beautiful about forums is that everyone can wear a “name tag” or “personality tag” if you will.

So there’s no second guessing about someone’s awareness of MBTI and which type they belong to so to speak.

It’s by far the best way to find INFJ males if you’re looking for any.

You could start a thread on Reddit for instance and ask for the INFJ males to drop a comment.

This strategy sure beats going outside on an INFJ male safari.

Chances are slim you’ll even spot one, let alone recognize one.

That’s why in my article How To Spot An INFJ Male (Signs You Should Look For) we’ll focus more on how to spot an INFJ male, if you think you’re in an environment where you’ll have a good chance of bumping into one!


In this article we’ve explored some of the natural environments where INFJ males can be found.

Nevertheless, there aren’t many very obvious places where you can encounter them.

But, they all share qualities like silence, space, low-stimulance and the ability to be alone.

Hopefully, the mentioned places do give the ones who really want to meet an INFJ male a better chance of meeting one.

Food For Thought

1. Which other places would you expect to see an INFJ male?

What is your personality type? Take the MBTI test!



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