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What is INFJ Male Psychology about?

As an INFJ and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) male in my thirties, the path to understanding myself has been quite challenging. Still, I’m learning everyday.

My intent with this blog is to write about my experiences as a male growing up with the INFJ personality and Highly Sensitive Person traits and how that translates into adult life. This blog is also a place to discuss my deepest thoughts about mental health, self-development and life.

As a psychologist with a Master’s degree in Clinical & Health Psychology, publishing scientific researcher and human being I aim to blend the objective, subjective, mind, body and spirit for a holistic view on true well-being.

Ultimately, my wish is for humanity and the Earth to flourish like never before. I think that as a species we have no idea how harmonious and blissful our existence could be on this precious planet. I’m just deeply curious to find out.

What about you? Aren’t you curious?

I invite you to join me on this quest!

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How did you know you have the INFJ personality and Highly Sensitive Person traits?

After years of just life experiences and introspection I gradually learned more about myself. Some personality tests like the MBTI test and Big Five test were also part of that learning process.

Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


70% Introversion

30% Extraversion

Big Five Personality Test


98th percentile

(Exceptionally High)

(side note: this might be a little lower)


96th percentile

(Exceptionally High)


53rd percentile

(Typical or Average)


7th percentile

(Very Low)

(side note: recent personal victories may have lead to underestimation)


91st percentile

(Very High)

Highly Sensitive Person Scale (HSPS)

Score 26 (out of 27)

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